The Band

The Jim Jam Ceilidh Band formed in 2009, playing their first student ceilidh in Glasgow. Word quickly spread of their fresh and fiery approach and bookings started coming in for all sorts of functions including weddings, parties, St Andrews night ceilidh’s and Burns Suppers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today they are in great demand for functions and events throughout the UK. One of the few ceilidh bands who don’t utilise the accordion in their line up – perhaps part of their great appeal!

"The Jim Jam Ceilidh Band were absolutely fantastic - a modern twist on the traditional ceilidh with all the best ceilidh dances and a great mix of songs"

Susan Kerr, 2015

Green dancersOur most popular band line up comes as a 4-piece

Guitar & Songs (Scottish and popular)

We also offer 3-piece and 5-piece (with piano) packages and are happy to customise, where possible to your individual booking. 

Also if you’re looking for some background music or a wedding piper, we are happy to assist.

Please contact us for a quote or for more information.